“The systems chosen by the U.S. EPA and the ONLY approved  systems in the state of Wisconsin for household drinking water.”

The WHS-200 and the WHS-400 point of entry water filtration units are used for the treatment of private and commercial water for drinking and bathing.   Both systems operate under the same design principle but differ in tank size based on space limitations or gallons per minute required.  The systems feature contaminant breakthrough protection and use a high-tech virgin granular activated carbon chosen for its high performance capabilities in adsorbing the most dangerous and worrisome volatile chemicals.

Point of Entry Water Filtration Systems


“The System chosen by the U.S. EPA in lieu of bottled drinking water in emergency situations.”

The CCF-2EPA point of use water  filtration unit is placed at the household’s sources of drinking water  and is designed for the reduction of chemical contaminants.  This system was chosen by the U.S. EPA  in lieu of bottled water in emergency situations and for use at the 1200  most contaminated superfund sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List.  The system features an Effective Life Indicator to monitor usage and prevent contaminant breakthrough.

Point of Use Water Filtration System

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We offer a wide variety of point of use filters, countertop filters, Reverse Osmosis systems as well as replacement filters and filter media. We can help determine the filter system that best meets your needs.