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· POU filtration system placed at the household’s sources of drinking water.

· Designed for reduction of chemical contaminants.

· Chosen by the EPA  in lieu of bottled water in emergency situations and for use at the 1200 most contaminated superfund sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List.


· Up to 99% effective at removing EDG, TCE, PCE, THM and other dangerous chemicals from drinking water.

· Effectively removes chlorine, foul tastes and odors.

· Provides pure, safe, great tasting water.

· Other system configurations include:  Removal of heavy metals, lead and mercury, ultra-violet add-on to destroy bacteria, and removal of heavy sediment.

Effective Life Indicator:

The filter cartridges are proven effective for up to 1,250 gallons of use, or about a full year for an average family.  The system features a built-in “Effective Life Indicator” to monitor usage and automatically shut off the water supply at 1,250 gallons use.  The user is thereby reminded to replace the filter cartridges.


Replacement Cartridges:

The system requires two carbon cartridges.  These cartridges have an integral sediment filter which removes dirt, rust and other suspended particles of .5 micron size and larger. 

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