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Bottled water is one of the most expensive drinking water options available!  And most people would be surprised to learn that it is not necessarily the safest source of quality drinking water. 

Contrary to the advertisements we’re bombarded with, bottled water is seldom drawn from a pristine, bubbling mountain spring.  In fact, many bottled waters are simply re-filtered municipal water.

Also, the environmental costs of bottled water are staggering.  The production and transportation of bottled water for Americans alone unnecessarily uses over 47 million gallons of oil each year and adds about a billion pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  

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Sadly, about 85% of water bottles are not even recycled and end up in landfills.

A home water filtration unit is a much better option for ensuring that the water you and your family drink is safe.  And home water filtration is less expensive and far less environmentally damaging than bottled water.

North American Aqua offers a full line of water filtration systems and can even custom design a system that will meet you particular water needs. 

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