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Households with private wells are not protected by the EPA’s safety standards for water quality. 

Private wells tap into aquifers—the natural reservoirs under the earth’s surface.  Aquifers can be a few miles wide or span the borders of many states.  This means activities many miles away from you may affect the purity of your water.

If you think you are protected because your water was previously tested and safe—think again!  Water in the earth’s aquifers is always moving and can become impure without your knowledge by contaminants discharged from factories, farms and households.

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Do You Have Well Water?

Do You Have City Water?

City water does not necessarily equal safe water.  The EPA’s national drinking water standards are only minimum standards.  This means trace amounts of known contaminants are not always eliminated and households that get their water from public water systems may not be completely protected. 

Do You Have Hardness, Rust or Foul Odors in Your Water?

A water filtration system can easily and effectively eliminate hardness and the causes of stains and poor tasting or smelling water.  A water filtration system also reduces the risk of damage to your appliances, pipes and water heater from iron and other mineral build-up.


North American Aqua offers a full line of water filtration and purification systems and can even custom design a system that will meet you particular problem water needs.  Our systems improve your quality of life by removing conditions that adversely affect the water you use for drinking, bathing, laundry and more. 

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